Writers group launches anthology competition

Published 8:30 pm Wednesday, July 19, 2017 – Washington Daily News

The members of Pamlico Writers Group are looking for a few good stories.

The group launched its 2018 anthology competition on July 15, and until Sept. 30, is seeking original work revolving around the theme of “Reflections: Images and Memories.”

“It’s a blind judge competition,” said Louis Edwards, a writers group member. “There will be three winners: one first place, second place and third place for fiction, nonfiction and poetry.”

Writers Conference, held in March. Some entries will also be published in the group’s anthology, which is expected to be released in December.Prizes include copies of “Reflections,” waived entry fees into next year’s contest and admission to the Pamlico

Writers are given free rein to interpret the meaning of the “reflections” theme and incorporate it into their work, according to a press release.

The competition is another way Pamlico Writers Group is trying to spur current and potential writers’ interest in being a part of the group’s activities. Members meet twice a month at the Turnage Theatre, where writers of all levels are invited to read their work and get feedback from experienced, published authors.

“What we’re trying to do is not only increase our membership but increase awareness for the literary arts for people who want to write,” Edwards said. “So many times, (I’ve heard that) people don’t know about us. … We’re really trying to make everything grow. We’re also trying to increase awareness for our scholarships — we have a high school scholarship that we do every year.”

In addition to the competition, the group is also issuing a monthly 1,000-word challenge, in which writers are asked to craft a short story based on an image and a few cues. The best of the challenge submissions will be printed in the anthology, as well, Edwards said. While the challenges are monthly, submissions for all months’ challenges will be accepted through the end of September.

For the anthology competition, fiction and nonfiction entries are limited to 5,000 words and poetry, 500. Each prose submission comes with a $10 readers’ fee, while the $10 entry fee for poetry allows up to three submissions. All proceeds from the competition and sales of the anthology will be used to fund Pamlico Writers Group projects, including the conference, scholarships and workshop presenters through the year, according to the press release.

For more information about the anthology competition and 1,000-word challenges, or to submit work, visit the Pamlico Writers Group website at pamlicowritersgroup.wildapricot.org.


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