A Classical Afternoon was a great success!

Thank you to our wonderful patrons who came out and showed their support for the show.

“A Christmas Carol” delighted audiences, the wonderful cakes from The Meeting Place were enjoyed by many and the beautiful music was enjoyed.

The holiday season has kicked off and we at AOP are looking forward to the holidays and seeing you all at the theatre for our lineup of amazing holiday entertainment!

Jon F Larson and his wife Marilyn, supporting AOP members, attended our Christmas event and had this to say:

See many more photos.

(Photos courtesy of Jeff Gould)

“Marilyn and I went to the Arts of the Pamlico program late this afternoon held at the Turnage Theater in Washington, NC.

The program consisted first of a modified presentation of A Christmas Carol, it was beautifully costumed and well done. The second part of the program was a series of solo instruments played by music teachers here in Beaufort County. I asked afterwards if the music was amplified, I was told no.

This theater is an acoustical gem!!

The Vaudeville theater was built in 1913, it occupies two store fronts as seen in the first photo, and the Vaudeville theater was on the second and third floors of the building.

When talkie movies started and the noise from the automobiles from the street made too much noise in the theater, no AC, in 1930 Mr. Turnage built the Palace Theater behind the original theater modeled after the Palace Theater in NYC. The photos show the corridor to the theater, one area off the corridor used as an art venue, traditional music jam venue or any use for the room, the opposite side for art and ticket sales.



The theater has been renovated and enhanced thanks to many, many in the area who contributed funds and work.

The Vaudeville theater is as yet as it was at the time the Palace Theater had opened. More work to be done.

The Palace Theater referred to now as the Turnage is a beautiful venue.”

– Jon F. Larson