Arts of the Pamlico & ECU Storybook Theatre presents …on stage…

February 25 at 2 PM – FREE
Mischief Makers. This delightful play introduces young audiences to Anansi the Spider from Africa, Reynard the Fox from Europe, and the Native American trickster, Raven. As the play opens, the three are found perched together sharing a totem pole, unknowingly brought together by Nyame, the god of the skies. As they argue over who among them is the best trickster, they play out stories that best demonstrate their finest acts of trickery. 
March 18 at 2 PM – FREE
Alice in Wonderland performed by ECU students on stage with a public performance on March 18 at 2 PM. This play combines major plot points, as well as iconic scenes and poems from both the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass novels. 
April 21 at 2 PM – $5 cash/check in advance or at the door,  $7 online (link below)
Really Rosie will be performed on stage. Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) and Carole King (Tapestry) brought Rosie and the Nutshell Kids (Pierre, Alligator, Johnny and Chef Jeff [aka “Chicken Soup”]) to life in this classic musical adventure. It was a Broadway musical as well as an animation sensation. Now, ECU Storybook Theatre thoughtfully recreates the magic. What mayhem may ensue as Rosie and her friends use creativity to avert the boredom of a hot summer day in the city?