“Additional grants have been written, submitted and are under review which if funded will get us close to the cost estimate of $1.3 million.”

Update on Structural Assessments

The initial roof structural assessment allowed us to begin writing grants and raising funds.
With funds raised, the historic tin ceiling has been carefully removed, allowing access to the structural beams and trusses and fly loft.
Regular meetings with historic preservation partners have been ongoing to determine what can be removed and what must stay in place or be replaced.
We have met with City officials as well to begin working through the logistics.
All the while, rain water from the ongoing storms we have been experiencing has been leaking through the roof at a steady pace, causing thousands of dollars of damage that we are working to keep up with while funds continue to be raised.
The full assessment is now complete and the cost estimates are in hand. The assessment has shown none of roof structure will be able to be saved — trusses and all must be fully replaced.

Grants Secured…On Our Way!

The assessment means the cost has increased substantially.
The good news is we started work on this in 2018 and have been successful in raising more than $300,000 in grants and private funding.
Additional grants have been written, submitted and are under review which if funded will get us close to the cost estimate of $1.3 million.
In October, a foundation has granted us “last in dollars” of $60,000 which will be very helpful as we continue to build the funding needed to move to the next phase.
We have also been meeting with government entities and additional foundation officers to ask for their help in sharing our need.

Donate Today.

Donations are accepted by check, cash, credit card or pledge. A pledge form is attached.

Donate online via Paypal or credit card:

All donations are being deposited and tracked in a separate bank account for theatre roof donations only to ensure all Raise the Roof funds are used for this sole purpose.


Please know we are able to provide additional information and documentation of your gift as needed as well.


Please feel free to email Debra Torrence, Executive Director at d.torrenceaop@gmail.com or call me to learn more.

We can raise the roof together!

Any and all support you can provide will help to preserve and protect our community’s historic theatre and keep a vibrant, economic engine in downtown Washington open.
Thank you, thank you for considering this request.
A conversation about your possible donation is welcome!
Debra Torrence
Executive Director                      
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