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They’re here!

Colorful, complex, and cool.

We call them arTshirts and you can buy this first-in-a-series T today.

We worked with local high school artist Kayla Lilley to create a unique, nostalgic image that would convey the home of the Arts of the Pamlico, the impact of the arts in the region and some of the unique aspects of Washington.

This shirt is the first in an emerging series of Arts of the Pamlico’s exclusive T-shirt line , called arTshirts, that features throwback imagery used in vintage postcards from the 50s. The look was inspired by a mural the arts council’s Executive Director, Debra Torrence, saw on a winter trip to warmer weather in St. Pete, Florida late last year.

The imagery of kitschy block letters is instantly appealing. Together the boxy, block letters create a frame for a colorful art form that tells a complex story about a place in a simple way.” Torrence shared. “We are excited to support young artists create and see their work take shape and fly. Continuing to grow our collaborations with local artistic talent and local businesses to create and share art — fun, functional, colorful public art — is a goal we plan to expand further through outdoor murals and more.

AOP arTshirts are $20 and are available in a limited supply. To purchase the first in this Series, “Greetings from Washington”, use the link below to purchase online, or contact Debra Torrence.

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You will be contacted to arrange a curbside pick-up time.

Greetings from Washington arTshirt
Turnage Theatre Marquee arTshirt

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