Oh No! Where has everyone’s Holiday Spirit Gone?!

Will Christmas get Canceled this year?!

Watch the Arts of the Pamlico’s Bubblegum and the Turnage Teen’s Theatre to find out! 

“Christmases Gone Wrong” was written by Rachel Isaac and Zach Sutton. It was directed by Rachel Isaac and Taylor Evans.


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Noelle Elf-Isabella Raig

Jasper Elf-Hannah Limbaugh

Mrs. Claus- Eliza Torres

Santa Claus/Audience 2- Rhynn Alligood

Kelso Claus/Flake Reindeer-  Sarabeth Franz

Rudolph/Judge- Cayden Cushing

Mittens Reindeer/Elfis Elf- Alex S.

Blizzard Reindeer/Hazel Elf/Audience 1-Holly Anglemyer

Trixie Tinsel Elf/Abominable Snowman- Haven Lebel

Grandpa/Audience 3-Lauren Roupe

Grandma/Sugarplum Elf- Katherine Stewart

Adam Elf-  Daisy Barnette

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