COVID19 Operational Safety Protocols

The Arts of the Pamlico (AOP) is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment for the public to allow ongoing access to the arts at its Historic Turnage Theatre and offsite events. The following COVID protocols are in place to keep all as safe as possible during this challenging time. All protocols and safety measures are subject to change in response to the developing state and public health standards and best practices.


COVID Waivers
  • Waivers are required for all persons entering the theatre and those participating in AOP events including but not limited to artists, Board members, ticket holders, staff, volunteers, renters and performers.
  • The AUDIENCE COVID waiver will be posted in sign stands around the theatre.
  • The AUDIENCE COVID waiver is posted on the AOP website for view.
  • The AUDIENCE COVID waiver must be agreed to by ticket holders prior to receiving the ticket and entering the building.
  • AUDIENCE COVID19 waiver sign in sheets will be provided for large group events.


  • All staff at AOP are fully vaccinated.
  • Youth staff and participants who are eligible to be vaccinated are required to do so before participating in AOP youth programs.


  • Signage is posted throughout the theatre sharing the mask requirement.
  • All children & adults are required to wear masks at all times in the Historic Turnage Theatre during events.
  • Youth wear masks provided to them by their families.
  • KN95 masks have been provided to and are worn by all our employees while in the theatre.
  • Masks are provided for those in need.


Hand Sanitizing
  • Sanitizing gel is provided throughout the theatre.
  • Handwashing repeatedly is strongly encouraged.
  • Avoidance of hands in mouth, eyes and nose is encouraged of all staff and volunteers.


Rehearsal & Performance Requirements
  • Performers and crew must sign a COVID waiver and be symptom free during the rehearsal and performance periods.
  • Clear face shields are used during stage performances to allow actors to be seen and heard and suppressing exposure opportunities.
  • Social distancing backstage and on stage at 6 ft. to the extent possible is encouraged.
  • Performers and crew should refrain from touching any prop unless required as part of their duties during rehearsals and performances.




Touchless Tickets
  • Tickets will be sold online via Paypal and in person for walk ups. A paper ticket will not be issued.
  • Gloves will be worn by staff in the cases of handling cards and money.


Social Distancing
  • Seating in the Palace Theatre is at half capacity. The front three rows will not be seated.
  • Performers see above information.
  • Additional air flow is provided.
    • Rear rollup door in the backstage is open when the weather allows
    • Side doors are opened when the weather allows
    • Backstage & main theatre spaces are joined by raising the cyc curtain and opening the adjoining fire door during performances or camps to allow for distancing and ventilation while maintaining communication and involvement.


Restroom, Seating & Equipment Sanitizing
  • All theatre facility spaces and high touch surfaces including chairs, chair arms, doorknobs, and tables are wiped down after each event with disinfectant.
  • Any equipment used in the day’s activities is also sanitized before further use.
  • Lysol spray is used to help to eliminate and remaining contaminants in the air.
  • The tech booth will be cleaned by the AOP Theatre Manager before and after each use with microfiber disinfectant wipes.
  • Logs for cleaning will be used to track sanitizing of the facility.
Exposure Protocol
  • Staff leading the event will notify families of youth who were exposed by an AOP youth participant immediately of potential exposure by email and text using a standardized email provided. See below.
  • Youth or adults who are exposed to COVID 19 at AOP or outside of AOP must immediately notify Heather Summers at summersaop@gmail.com.
  • Adults and youth exposed at AOP or outside of AOP must provide a negative test via text or email prior to rejoining the group.
  • Names of all those exposed will be provided to the Beaufort County Health Department should a negative test result to do our part to stop the spread, see waiver.
  • All staff exposed will seek a COVID test within 48 hours and notify the Executive Director and all staff they worked with during the exposure period of the test results.
  • Staff who are exposed at AOP or outside of work must provide a negative test result to the Executive Director prior to returning to work.