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  • Roland Wyman – Chair
  • Virginia Finnerty – Vice Chair
  • Lynda Lane – Past Chair
  • Heather Thienpont – Treasurer
  • Linda Boyer – Secretary
  • Ed Mann – Financial Advisor
Jeffery Phipps – John Tate – Rebecca Clark – Bill Cummings –  Gayle Watson – Sue Nicholson  – Emma Howard – Lisa Hodges – Leesa Jones – Al Powell – Terry Woolard – Gail Baird
Ashley Padgett, Beaufort County Schools – Daniel Shirley, East Carolina University – Gail Kenefick, Bath Representative – Cynthia Crane, Aurora Representative – Clay Carter, Beaufort County Community College – (Open: Belhaven Representative)


The Arts of the Pamlico (AOP) provides a wide array of arts and cultural programming for residents and visitors to Beaufort County and the surrounding region.

AOP is committed to racial and cultural equity in its programs. The programs AOP offers are a cultural mirror reflective of the times and the rich diversity of our community and society in general.

AOP is committed to offering programming choices in safe spaces for all people whenever they gather to celebrate, share and create art.

AOP’s programming choices strive to offer low cost access to the performing, visual, literary and traditional arts that reflect the times, respond to community interests, demonstrate improvement and innovation, engage constituents across geographic, cultural, social and economic strata, foster collaborative relationships with and provide services and support for arts organizations, arts resources and community partners and grow support for and compensate individual artists and art groups for their

Policy implementation will be at the discretion of the Arts of the Pamlico Executive Director.

Approved by the AOP Board of Directors July 25, 2018.


Arts of the Pamlico has several dedicated, energetic task groups focused on specific activities of the organization. If you are intersted in joining a task group please contact Debra Torrence at d.torrenceaop@gmail.com.

FY 19/20 Working Committees

  • Financial – Ed Mann, Mia Williams, Roland Wyman, Heather Thienpont, Linda Boyer
  • Community & Youth Theatre  – Jeffrey Phipps (Chair) Lynda Lane, Crystal Holman, Thad Aley, Jeff Gould, Patricia Clark, Erin Staebell
  • Annual Gala – Heather Thienpont (Chair), Jeffrey Phipps, Mia Williams, Susan Watson, Lilly Jones, Angi Gibbs, Gayle Watson Hager, Debra Torrence
  • Festivals – Lisa Hodges, Debra Torrence
  • Fine Arts Show – Sue Nicholson, Thad Aley
  • Festivals & Fundraisers –  Heather Thienpont, Lisa Hodges, Lilly Jones, Virginia Finnerty, Debra Torrence 
  • Partner & Youth Outreach – Al Powell, Emma Howard, Lisa Hodges, Erin Staebell, Debra Torrence
  • Policies & Procedures – Susan Bracken, Roland Wyman, Debra Torrence
  • Facility – Bill Cummings, Roland Wyman, Ed Mann, Debra Torrence
  • Marketing – Roland Wyman, Liz Reed, Debra Torrence
  • Board Nominations – Ed Mann, Mia Williams, Roland Wyman, Heather Thienpont, Linda Boyer