Arts of the Pamlico
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Mission – The Arts of the Pamlico (AOP) provides cultural opportunities through initiation, support, and presentation of artistic programs in Beaufort and Washington Counties and the surrounding region. It is a goal of the AOP to present a wide range of educational, entertainment, and cultural programs, and to encourage the same by advancing and supporting the efforts of local artists, arts organizations and arts businesses throughout the region.

Vision for FY 18/19
To continue to grow the use of the AOP home, build a model rural cultural arts center to stimulate arts education and arts and cultural jobs and to support tourism. AOP is building strategies that will…

  • Build options for inclusive art programs and opportunities for both youth and adults.
  • Continue to strive to increase diversity in programming options, artists, memberships, audience and workshop participants.
  • Create a menu of arts and cultural opportunities for aging adults
  • Secure funding to launch efforts to restore the Vaudeville Playhouse
  • Engage education partners in activities and discussions to build youth programs for credit at AOP
  • Grow business sponsorships for arts programs, events and scholarships
  • Maintain and update the facility
  • Partner with community groups to expand the provision of programs to rural areas of the county in Bath and Aurora



History – With a 46-year history of serving rural eastern NC, AOP is one of the oldest arts councils in the state. Its diverse community encompasses a range of incomes, professions and interests. Housed at its Historic Turnage Theatre, constructed originally as a vaudeville theater in 1913 and expanded with a palace theatre to the rear in the early 1930’s, this community jewel has become the hub for community based arts and culture activities.

Funding – AOP programs, theater and gallery spaces are supported by funding from a combination of services, fees and private and public sources including state and local government, sponsorships, memberships, ticket sales, fundraisers, facility rentals, concession sales and endowment/investment income.

Impact Highlights for FY 17/18
• Developed informational tools about local galleries, history of the theatre and historic NC theaters
• Expanded the types and numbers of grants secured for programs and youth programs with camps, events and workshops
• Named Beaufort County Nonprofit of the Year
• Grew the scholarship fund for youth arts participation
• Hosted its first Film, Comedy and Blues and Jazz Festivals
• Hosted the first Arts and Culture Education and Career Fair in Beaufort County
• Increased artist opportunities, workshop spaces and members
• Launched efforts to restore the roof and replace aging HVAC systems with historic preservation partners
• Paid off the mortgage debt on the theatre

Economic Impact

Arts & Economic Prosperity in NC – https://www.ncarts.org/afta

Rural Prosperity Through the Arts & Creative Sector – www.nga.org/ruralarts

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