Fundraising Campaign

Raise the Roof!

The Turnage Theatre roof structure must be replaced in 2019. A structural roof design report and the final assessment of the condition of the roof requires the entire structure be replaced. Leaks are becoming more prominent throughout the front of the building which you will notice.  You can help save the Historic Turnage Theatre’s beautiful spaces with your donation today.

The Clock is Ticking.

The roof structure and surface beyond a patch to the top surface and the insertion of an interior brace was not addressed in the restoration of the theatre in the mid-2000s. The roof structure (from the inside out, trusses and all) must be completed over the next several months.

Every Penny Counts. 

As of October 2019, AOP has raised just over $360,000 and must raise another $600,000 to pay for the full roof replacement. 

​You Can Help!

All levels of donation are welcome. You can help to preserve this crown jewel of the region. Contact Debra Torrence at d.torrenceaop@gmail.com or donate today online at the link below.


Thank You!

  • City of Washington
  • Eddie & Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation
  • Fox Theatre Institute
  • Individual Donors
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation

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