Raise the Roof!

The Turnage Theatre roof structure must be replaced in 2019. A structural roof design report completed by Curtis McLawhorn Engineering has raised an alarm that the 1900s theatre roof structure is worsening rapidly and is in imminent failure. Help save the Turnage with your donation today.

The Time is Now.

The roof structure and surface beyond a patch to the top surface and the insertion of an interior brace was not addressed in the restoration of the theatre in the mid-2000s.

The roof structure (from the inside out, trusses and all) must be completed over the next year to avoid failure in place.

Every Penny Counts. 

AOP must raise between $450,000 – $500,000 which will require many supporters locally and across the nation, As of June 20, 2019 just over $300,000 has been raised. Help us reach the goal with your donation today.

Grants Kick Off Roof Campaign.

The Fox Theatre Institute has kicked off our Raise the Roof Campaign with a $50,000 grant. The Eddie Smith Family Foundation donated $75,000 to support this need. And pledged an additional $75,000 which we matched with another $75,000. We are on our way with the help of these funders and many individual donors. You can help make history with your donation.

Questions about online payments?

Call us at 252-946-2504

You can pay by credit card.

No Paypal account needed!

Secure Donation Fund In Place. 

All donations will be deposited and tracked in a separate CresCom Bank account for theatre roof donations only to ensure all Raise the Roof funds are used for this sole purpose.

Online donations may be given at Paypal

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Donate Today.

Donations are accepted by check, cash, credit card or pledge. A pledge form is attached.

Online donations may be given at Paypal


Please know we are able to provide additional information and documentation of your gift as needed as well.


Please feel free to email Debra Torrence, Executive Director at d.torrenceaop@gmail.com or call her to learn more.

We can raise the roof together!

Any and all support you can provide will help to preserve and protect our community’s historic theatre and keep a vibrant, economic engine in downtown Washington open.

Thank you, thank you for considering this request.

A conversation about your possible donation is welcome, should this be of interest.


Debra Torrence                       Lynda Lane

Executive Director                                Board Chair